Campdraft 2021 Teebar Show

Campdraft competitions for the 2021 Teebar Show will be announced in 2021. See our Campdraft schedule in the FORMS page of our website, in 2021, for Campdraft details. Starts at day break and finishes at sunset. Lots of fantastic prizes to be won. ..

Ute Muster 2021 Teebar Show

Ute Muster categories at the 2021 Teebar Show, Saturday, 12 June, 2021 - 4 x 4 Ute, B & S Ute, Chicks Ute, Classic Ute, Feral Ute, Street Ute and Work Ute. Nomination Fee, per Ute, $10 first entry, $5 any other entry - ONLY through Gate 2.  ..